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Version Date Status Changes
1.000 29.04.2012 Official First release
1.001 05.05.2012 Official Added item "Meteosat" and "Rainfall radar"
1.002 16.05.2012 Official Added item "Alarms". Implemented translations DE,FR,EN
1.003 20.05.2012 Official Added info widget
1.004 28.05.2012 Official Added contact form
1.005 03.02.2015 Official Added auto detection Browser-language
1.006 10.06.2017 Official Migration on new hosting server (location Switzerland)
1.007 12.11.2017 Official Version for Mobile devices
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  • Daniela Barelli > some pictures
  • Anna Morisoli > some pictures
  • Luca Pronzini > www.ellepiesse.ch > some graphics
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